Max Baptiste
max-baptisteAs an Adventure Capitalist, Max invests in humans and specializes in relationships. He is dedicated to helping change the world around us through interface and experience.

Max is culturally and technologically focused, believing that humans have the right to both.

For over seven years, Max has focused on business development, gamification, and hybrid billing in the video game industry. This work has shaped his unique outlook on life, keeping him passionate about how humans engage with art, music, technology, payments, psychology, data, and marketing.

Specialties: Business Development, Digital Economies, User Experience, User Interface, Payment Processing, Contract Negotiation, Social Media.

What do you love most about Albuquerque?

The people. The opportunities. The “I don’t give a fuck” mentality. The culture. The camaraderie. The love. The realness. The vacancy. The history. The future.