505 FACES partners with We Are This City

The (505) FACES project is a storytelling patchwork that blends photography and writing to share the heartbeat of New Mexico. New Mexican photographer Wes Naman and his team of writers and artists devised a monumental plan: they would journey to twenty cities across the state in twenty days to capture portraits of the diverse and incredible people who live and breathe New Mexico. In May of 2014 the project launched, capturing over 400 portraits and interviews from a broad spectrum of New Mexicans. (505) FACES continues to organize and process images and writing to publish a book collection that tells the stories of this epic road trip and the people they came across during the journey who call the Land of Enchantment home.

Southwest Capital Bank partners with We Are This City

Southwest Capital Bank is guided by their deep commitment to making New Mexico a place for families and businesses to flourish; they understand that people make a city. Established in 1890, Southwest Capital Bank reaches out and shares their talent and time with communities and organizations that need their help. This means putting people on the ground within New Mexico’s communities to be of service as board members, leaders, and volunteers.

The Invention Lab partners with We Are This City

The Invention Lab is an organization comprised of 11-13 year old entrepreneurs collaborating to solve current and future world problems. The Invention Lab has established a team of wildly engaged youth who oversee every component of the organization, including money, contracts, and the development of products and patents that explore and help us understand our universe. The entrepreneurs at Invention Lab are interested in discovery, making silly faces alongside Albuquerque’s civic leaders, and securing limitless possibilities for our city’s young and inventive.

111 Media Collective partners with We Are This City

111 Media Collective is a community of artists and designers based in Downtown Albuquerque who have joined forces to create a dynamic team of specialized printers. They offer an array of services including printed t-shirts, posters, stickers, and more. 111 Media Collective is made up of hands-on teachers and craftspeople with a burning desire to create a product that upcycles, recycles, and remixes the fabrics of the people around them – at events, in the shop, and on the street. 111 Media Collective participates in the Rail Yards Market in Barelas and in large-scale beautification projects in Downtown Albuquerque.

The City Of Albuquerque partners with We Are This City

The City of Albuquerque provides support for this project through three departments. Cultural Services, Public Art, and the Film Office. Cultural Services, headed by Betty Rivera, helps people enjoy Albuquerque’s unique cultural events and attractions. The department oversees everything from the City’s museums, biopark, and even libraries. The Albuquerque Public Art department works to identify locations and ensure that public art pieces are in harmony with their surroundings as well as the community’s interest. Ann Lerner of the Albuquerque Film Office offers assistance to filmmakers, serves as a liaison with City agencies, and assists in obtaining locations, equipment, and hotel accommodations. Together these departments offer their time and support to We Are This City.

Rio Grande Community Development Corporation partners with We Are This City

The Rio Grande Community Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization that pursues community-wide healthy economic and social development that enriches traditional cultural values and historical uses of the land while supporting the peoples’ voice in development and reducing poverty through entrepreneurial enterprise. The organization aims to support a self-sustaining community while honoring the cultural bedrock of the South Valley and Middle Rio Grande Corridor. Guided by principles of economic development, education, community health, and land use practices, the Rio Grande Community Development Corporation is ultimately about cultivating opportunity for our communities now and for generations to come.

The We Are This City Manifesto

The We Are This City’s Manifesto, written by Albuquerque’s Inaugural Poet Laureate, Hakim Bellamy, captures something right out of the heart of Albuquerque. It re-interprets, resuscitates and re-creates our city in its lines, over and over again, and asks nothing more than your ear and imagination.

We hope it recalls as much beauty for you as it does us. Memories of a sunset so beautiful it seemed to paint itself on the edge of the earth, or how if the sun had a vacation home it would most definitely be right here in Albuquerque. The Manifesto guides us as we seek to collectively transform our city, beautify it’s streets, and reimagine Albuquerque one empty building at a time.

We Are This City celebrates the beauty, creativity, and the full heart our city carries in its chest. But enough waxing poetic… here’s the manifesto itself.