The Rosenwald Building Downtown Albuquerque

rosenwald-buildingWelcome to We Are This City, where we reimagine our city.

We Are This City began in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque as a creative vision for the Rosenwald Building. The We Are The City creators, like many people in Albuquerque, had walked by the historic Rosenwald at the corner of 4th and Central almost a million times without pause; the Rosenwald doesn’t demand a whole lot of attention. But when you take a moment to look, the building is one of those beautiful fixtures of Albuquerque’s Downtown that makes us uniquely Albuquerque.

The Rosenwald had been downright forgotten, left empty to become an unused relic of our city’s past, but the We Are This City creators knew the building held opportunities. We wanted to celebrate our city, where we come from, and the possibilities for the future ahead, and the Rosenwald – located at the corner of Old Route 66 and Route 66 – was just the place to converge our present and our past.

When the Rosenwald opened its doors over 100 years ago it was the first building of it’s kind in the Southwest. Despite early fame for its regionally unprecedented modern construction, the Rosenwald’s story was very much lost. We Are This City had a vision: we would illuminate the building, turn it into a digital canvass that could be used by artists worldwide to project their dreams, together transforming realities and reimagining Albuquerque from the very streets of Downtown.

Albuquerque has hundreds of empty buildings just like this. With the help of the community We Are This City wraps our city’s empty buildings in art and creations from all over. We bring people to forgotten places to interactively reimagine urban space and explore possibilities together. We bring vibrant, colorful dreams from every corner of our city to life, and we take pride in what is local. We work together, as a community, to awaken new possibilities, visions, and futures through art, technology and community involvement.

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