We Paint Art Auction and Art Show | 10/13/2016

**************AUCTION CLOSED!!!**************

TEDxABQ 2016 kicked off with live painting on stage by 10 talented artists. This collection of works, We Paint, is now available on auction! You saw the artwork created; now is your chance to take your favorite piece home. http://wearethiscity.com/product-category/we-paint-auction/

On Thursday October 13th, TEDxABQ and We Are This City are hosting a show at 119 Gold Ave SE to auction off the pieces that were painted on the TEDxABQ stage. The works by We Paint artists Robyn Tsinnajinnie, Jodie Herrera, Natalee Maxwell, Thomas Christopher Haag, Birdnoise, Randy Barton, Reyes Padilla, Watermelon7, Ray Chavez and Carlos Contreras will all be up for grabs in a silent auction. All proceeds go to the artists, TEDxABQ and We Are This City.

In addition to the We Paint artworks, we will be exhibiting the 70 ABQ Balloon Blast pieces that are getting ready to go to San Francisco in a few weeks. The original works will be for sale for the first time ever, so come pick one up before they head to California and sell out!

Be sure to join us on the 13th to enjoy beautiful art, wonderful company, and drinks too!
Doors open at 7:00p and the silent auction closes at 8:30p.

See you there!

Original artwork in the ABQ Balloon Blast Show by:

2Face • Adam Feibelman • Al Na’ir • Alejandro Pinto • Angie Rehnberg • @jungleboogee • Bale • Birdnoise • Bolo Krinshaw • Brian Thomas Bailey • Bruce Warren Davis • Celeste Spoken Garcia • Chris Grill • Christian Gallegos • CloudFace • Dave Briggs • David Santiago • Delanorock • Dennis Harroun • Diego Alonso-Garcia • Doctor Sex • El Moises • Eric J. Martinez • Ernest Doty • Evan Dent • Gabriel Jaureguiberry • Gasp • Geyser • Haloe5000 • Hey Retard • Hunter Shioshita • James Black • James Swagerty • Jaque Fragua • JayCee Beyale • Jean Milu-Truesdale • Jeffery Hayes • Jessica Estevan • Jodie Herrera • Joel Davis • Johnpaul Gutierrez • Joshua Schriber • Julia Michelle López y Chavez • Katie Morales • Lance Ryan McGoldrick • Layton John • Maria Ross • Mateo Sig • Max Baptiste • Mike Giant • Minh Quan • Nick Vandiver • Nore • Petro • Ray Chavez • Reyes Padilla • Robyn Tsinnajinnie • Ruben Cantu • Russell Adams • Sam Flores • Skelz • Sofa • Stacy Hawkinson • Steven Vigil • TheFrshPrntsTommyiLL • Thomas Christopher Haag • Thomas Hyde • Travis Black • Victoria Bustamante • Vincent Le • Warren Montoya • Watermelon7 • Went • Wolf Krusemark

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