Nicholas Vandiver
nicholas-vandiverNicholas Vandiver was born and raised in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. He is passionate about serving his community and believes that art is a medium that transcends boundaries and connects people, regardless.

His work has ranged from supporting weaving cooperatives in Guatemala and Mexico, to curating rogue street art shows in Oakland, California, to making new homes for the homeless through Albuquerque Heading Home.

He received a BA from the University of New Mexico Latin American Studies Department, but his most important lessons have come from las calles. We Are This City is where his passions now collide.

What do you love most about Albuquerque?

There is an expansiveness here. You can go from the mountains to the Rio Grande with two wheels and two feet. There’s room for people to stop in the street to greet friends like time isn’t there. And there are Burque people, of course. I love them most of all.