Nikihanna Baptiste
nikihanna-baptisteNikihanna has fulfilled many different roles in serving individuals and families impacted by violence, disenfranchisement from voter registration and public services, health services inequity, lack of maternal and child resources and lack of early childhood resources.

She has lived in NM for almost 40 years, first in Taos and the last 19 years in Albuquerque. Nikihanna has served in leadership positions in national organizations and local and State public and private venues. She has a passion to promote organizational practice and process that mirrors the mission of the group.

What do you love most about Albuquerque?

I love the people I know who are committed to providing and supporting diverse, participative, creative, competent, visionary, open, fluid, talented, hard-working, skilled, and FUN leadership for the good of all the residents of our community.