Phillip Torres
Phillip is the founder of Concept Flux, a creative marketing agency. He believes creatively engaging audiences is the most important value when creating content.

Phillip believes everything can be looked at creatively. He has integrated this outlook into sales, marketing, music, film and video production, virtual reality, branding, company cultures, and events.

Phillip is a nationally sought after visual artist for his storytelling and creative content production. He began his career in music, video, and film production. Writing was a talent he developed through writing poetry and rhymes in 1996, to eventually start a handful of hip hop groups from 2001-2013.

Phillip lives by the concept ‘content is king’. Now, he is integrating virtual reality content production and software development into projects. He’s fascinated with 3D animation, projection mapping, game development, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

He loves supporting local business and is focused on creating more PR and marketing for Albuquerque to shine a positive light on its community. Phillip also enjoys co-piloting for aerial cinematography, instagramming his adventures, traveling with his family and drinking Zendo Zia lattes.